The Mississippi river around St. Paul is a wonderful fishery. It is not uncommon to get a 10 lb walleye. The river is open to fishing all year round. Griz knows where to find the Honey Holes. In one spot, we caught several walleyes, a crappie, a small mouth bass, and a catfish. You never […]
Look at that walleye! That is a nice walleye. This weeK G3 Sportsman heads up to St. Paul, Minnesota to fish with the Griz. Minneapolis and St. Paul may be famous for the Vikings, Twins, Timber Wolfs, and the Minnesota Wild there is another famous animal roaming the mighty Mississippi. He is know as the […]
Head down the river with one of our favorite fishing characters, Griz. If you have never seen a real life river rat, now you have. He is the most famous river rat in Minnesota. The fun part about finishing in the river is you never know what you are going to pull up. To Griz, […]
ON THE MISSISSIPPI RIVER – Wednesday was cold. At times the sun shone in a blue sky. But the wind was bitter and the water temperature was only 34 degrees. This was our first open-water trip of the year, Dick “Griz” Grzywinski and me, and we were jigging for walleyes, with gloves on. We had […]
Frankies is a G3 dealer in Minnesota. We have been selling boats and bait since the 1950s. We are a family owned business. We have all the bait and tackle you need for walleye, bass, and musky. We are full service marine dealers. We carry G3 boats and pontoons. We provide full service and maintenance.
If you want to catch walleyes, there are few state spots better than the Mississippi River between the Ford Dam and Hastings.   Thursday morning, Griz and I were on the Mississippi, looking for walleyes but talking water moccasins. We found plenty of the former but none of the latter, though Ol’ Griz knows they’re […]
Recently, amid warnings of floods and impending floods, Dick “The Griz” Grzywinski backed his john boat toward this very flush river near Red Wing, Minn. The launch ramp itself was invisible, swamped. “I’ve never seen the river this high,” Griz said. Then he dumped his boat into the Mississippi, essentially launching it from a parking […]
Dick Grzywinski Inducted 2007 Dick “Griz” Grzywinski has a face you’ll remember and a personality you can’t forget. “Griz”, as he’s affectionately known, isn’t nearly as cantankerous as his name might indicate. Born in 1942 in St. Paul’s east side, his parents began taking him along on their fishing trips when he was just three-months […]